Celebrating the Church Year

When I was growing up the church year wasn’t part of our denominational tradition and so, aside from Christmas, Easter and an advent calendar, we didn’t build our year around the Christian year.  Now, as a mother I am reclaiming this historical practice for my family and find such depth in organizing our lives around the Christian year.  Practicing the Christian year is primarily an active way of entering the Christian story with one’s imagination.  It is also a way for us as parents to be sure we are passing on the basic tenets of our faith and helping our children to see their own role in God’s great story.  It is easy to feel alone in and daunted by this task of training our children, but over the last two thousand years the church has given and refined traditions that we can hand down to our children and who can hand them down to theirs.  No matter what our background or Christian beliefs we can benefit from what has been built before us.

The Church Year
(Celebrating the Twelve Days - on Rhythm of the Home)
Ordinary Time

Feast Days