Tuesday, February 1

Right Now...

:We're getting ready for a full month of celebrations ahead (and a trip to Spain at the end of the month)

:We're still hoping the baby will start sleeping through the night (or even just not be up for 1-2 hour periods in the middle of the night)

:I'm thinking the mistletoe really should come down.

: We're enjoying a break in the weather and slightly warmer days.

:I'm smelling freshly baked jam filled cookies (well really reduced-dried-fig filled) that have been cut into candles for Candlemas tomorrow.  And there will, of course, be Groundhog cookies baking tomorrow.
:I'm grateful to have finished up a couple writing projects.

:We're enjoying a lot of nomad and farming play as we talk and read about the first people in the fertile crescent this week.

:I'm hoping to finish 300 more pages of Jayber Crow so I'm ready to lead book club next monday - best get reading!

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Sue said...

Seriously - you are so creative! Fun times at the Watkins' home!