Thursday, July 31

Shoulder Art from some of my Favorite Artists!

There has been very little mama made for this forth baby.  I'm almost done with Jonah's quilt and have tried to focus on finishing it instead of starting new projects.  But, in the first couple weeks after Athan was born, I realized that I needed burp cloths.  I'll spare you details, but we use lots of burp cloths.  All my boys have been spitters, so I wasn't surprised, but I was unprepared.  Somewhere in all our moving about the stacks of cloths I made for the other boys seem to have disappeared.  

So, I enlisted Rowan and Isaac to help me.  A few fabric markers, some white flannel and some fun flannel scraps and I have little masterpieces to live on my shoulder!

Tuesday, July 29

2 Months Old

This blog post reminds me that I must print some photos and buy albums now we are settled... but in the mean time... you'll have to bear with my record keeping in this space.  I do have a couple CE posts coming soon... if I can get to it.

He's a keeper this one.  He is happy and incredibly talkative.  He loves people and always has a smile for us.  Oh, and did I mention he sleeps!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh, he still wakes to eat once or twice in the night, but he has gone to bed at the same time as his brothers since week two and goes to sleep on his own in his Moses Basket most nights.  None of the other boys were so easy on the sleep front!
And, he is rather cute (if I do say so myself).  And so is his sweet cousin (they have birthdays just eleven days apart).

With Great-Grandma

Sunday, July 27

Home on the Farm

Being on the farm is always a homecoming.  I wondered when we settled in our own home for the first time this year if the feeling of being home would change, but the truth is that it would take decades of exploring and living for any other plot of land to compare to these acres I grew up on.  And, there is something so very special about watching my boys romp through the fields of my childhood home.  Long walks, flower picking, hay rides, cookouts, hay bale jumping, calf feeding... there is so much beauty and goodness for us all to enjoy!

Monday, July 14

Garden Notes: Oh, the Summer Squash

 We have summer squash coming out our ears.  These are the first few we picked a couple weeks ago.  We didn't realize how fast they would grow and while Jim was at a conference I didn't check for a few days... they were still quite good despite their size.  We have enjoyed chocolate muffins, lemon loaf, cookies, and chocolate chip muffins all filled with summer squash.  My boys think it is a bit silly and give me a hard time, but in the end they will always eat sweetened baked goods!

I'm loving roasted summer vegetables over a grain for dinner (just with a bit of olive oil and salt).  And then, for lunch the next day the cold roasted veggies with feta and fresh herbs makes a wonderful  salad!

We're also eating a whole lot of julienne summer squash salad.  My favorite recipe is the one in The Rhythm of Family.

Saturday, July 12

Growing Time

 I'm grateful that we have entered the long stretch of ordinary time this year.  I always am.  Right now, I'm relishing in this great growing season of summer.  I love the yummy meals of salads, roasted veggies and fresh garden herbs, the long days, picking wildflowers, catching lightning bugs, reading books and watching my four wee boys play together through the day.

  And this summer, we are delighting in watching the garden grow.  After replanting post tornado we didn't know if things would take off, but they have.  I'm staking my tomatoes, which have little green orbs growing.  I'm wishing we had more time to weed, but a bit here and there is doing the trick for now.  We are harvesting fresh herbs and the zucchini are beginning.  Tomatoes and peppers are soon to follow.  The farmer in me is feeling very satisfied!

Thursday, June 26


Here are all four of my baby boys around one month old in the same outfit.  Right after Athan was born, I looked down at this fourth wee man I had an overwhelming sensation of having met him before.  I go back and forth on who he reminds me of most, but he certainly has aspects of all his brothers.  Who do you think Athan looks most like?

They are in order.  Row one: Jonah and Rowan  Row two: Isaac and Athan.

Tuesday, June 24

A Happy Father's Day

It was good to celebrate Jim.  It has been quite the year with a pregnant wife, new baby and his first year of teaching.  I could gush about what a wonderful job he has done balancing it all,but as I really don't like gushing on facebook and blogs, I'll just state how incredibly grateful I am to be on this life adventure together.

And just look at all those boys!
We spent the afternoon at one of our two favorite spots in Richmond - The Botanic Gardens.

 (Our boys love the book section of the garden gift shop)