Friday, September 12

extra{ordinary} time

Someone can't even have a photo shoot without an audience... adored and adorable!

Thursday, August 28

The Trumpet of the Swan

Jonah's class read The Trumpet of the Swan for their summer reading.  I read it too and was delighted (somehow I'd missed reading this classic in my own childhood).  It is a beautiful book, full of nature, fancy, and adventure.  It is a story that is good, true and beautiful is the most wonderful of ways.  It would be a beautiful story to read aloud and after I finish the Misty series with Rowan or after Daddy finishes Narnia with him, this one is next on our list to read with Mr. 4.

 And in honor of summer reading, Rowan, Isaac and I made swan cookies for Jonah to share with his class.  So much fun!

Monday, August 25

A Last Taste of Summer

We will all miss things about summer.  It has flown by so very quickly.  Isaac and Athan will miss having Daddy around to rock/walk them to sleep for naps.  Jonah will miss days full of reading.  I will miss project time and the joys of the garden (though I have a fall/winter garden plan that is about to commence.)  Rowan will miss having Jonah around to play with most of the day.  

One of the happiest garden projects of the summer was a spontaneous buy.  I try to not stray from my list, but when I saw the huge bag of wildflower seeds for seven dollars at the garden center, I knew that I needed a cutting garden.  So between our fence and the ally we planted a swath of wildflowers, and they have kept our home dotted with lovely color all summer. 

I've kept greens on the mantle since the end of Easter tide.   Sometimes a wildflower or two was added, but mostly it has just been pieces of bushes I'm trimming in the garden.  It has been a sweet reminder of the great green growing time we are journeying together.

Thursday, July 31

Shoulder Art from some of my Favorite Artists!

There has been very little mama made for this forth baby.  I'm almost done with Jonah's quilt and have tried to focus on finishing it instead of starting new projects.  But, in the first couple weeks after Athan was born, I realized that I needed burp cloths.  I'll spare you details, but we use lots of burp cloths.  All my boys have been spitters, so I wasn't surprised, but I was unprepared.  Somewhere in all our moving about the stacks of cloths I made for the other boys seem to have disappeared.  

So, I enlisted Rowan and Isaac to help me.  A few fabric markers, some white flannel and some fun flannel scraps and I have little masterpieces to live on my shoulder!

Tuesday, July 29

2 Months Old

This blog post reminds me that I must print some photos and buy albums now we are settled... but in the mean time... you'll have to bear with my record keeping in this space.  I do have a couple CE posts coming soon... if I can get to it.

He's a keeper this one.  He is happy and incredibly talkative.  He loves people and always has a smile for us.  Oh, and did I mention he sleeps!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh, he still wakes to eat once or twice in the night, but he has gone to bed at the same time as his brothers since week two and goes to sleep on his own in his Moses Basket most nights.  None of the other boys were so easy on the sleep front!
And, he is rather cute (if I do say so myself).  And so is his sweet cousin (they have birthdays just eleven days apart).

With Great-Grandma