Friday, March 10

I'm sorry for the long lag in posts.  The blogger app refuses to work on my new ipad (which has replaced my computer).  Anyway, I'll keep working on figuring out how to add images, and it will still probably be awhile until I'm in this space very frequently.

Our family's news is that we will be moving to Milwaulkee where Jim has accepted a job as Director of Spiritual Formation at Saint Augustine Prep.  Aug Prep is a new school coming to the south side of Milwaukee this Fall.  We are passionate about the vision for this school and the opportunity to help put a high quality Christian education into the hands of children who wouldn't normally be able to afford it.

Right now, we are awaiting the last few things to fall into place and will be headed west over Holy Week.   My Lenten discipline for the year is giving up my home and all that it has meant over the past four years.  This home has brought us such joy and stability; it has been restorative to a soul that had been blown about for close to a decade.  This is perhaps the hardest thing I've ever given up and I daily find myself in tears.  That said, we have a beautiful and old house awaiting us and I cheer myself by planning how to make it home.  Mostly we'll miss our community here.  Our church really feels like family and we have been blessed by sweet and deep friendships in this place.  I am grateful that this calling has been so compelling as it has helped to stay us as we say goodbye.

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Katie Coons said...

My heart aches for you Emily, I well know the pain of moving so often! i'm glad you have a good place waiting for you. I know some neat folks in Milwaukee as well, I know the Lord goes before you. My brother just applied at Veritas after living in China for 8 years-- who knows what the future holds! Bless you on your journey.