Monday, November 21

The Graditude Tree

This year I didn't get my branches out for a gratitude tree, but instead used the chalkboard I recently painted in our kitchen to make a tree of Thanks.  I'm loving it and the boys are too.  We haven't been particularly planned about when we add things, but occasionally jot something up there.  I love how Athanasius (2), will come and get me and tell me to put something on the tree.  His last addition was "Bumpy Road Tractor Haybales", which I'm pretty sure was meant as one thought, no commas needed.  (He's in the rather obsessive vehicle and farm phase all my two-year-old men have gone through!)

It isn't anything spectacular, but for the sake of sharing the idea, here is 2016's Gratitude Tree.
At the beginning: (Saint Francis is still hanging from his celebration in October.)

A week till Thanksgiving (I took this a couple days ago):

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Fernando Camberos said...

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