Christian Education

I'm excited to be sharing how our family is attempting to live out the church year and play with the biblical story.  I hope you'll leave feedback and your own ideas.

I mention Godly Play often.  This is an approach to religious education that is based on the work of Maria Montessori.  I love Jerome Berryman's theology of childhood and view of play.  In the following posts I mention Berryman's work at times and some of the posts show homemade materials for Godly Play scripted lessons. If you are interested in Godly Play I recommend you check out the Godly Play foundation's website and Berryman's books.

Many of my thoughts are on creating a place that children can play with the biblical story and Christian practices.   

To be clear - only some of the following is Godly Play proper - other posts are godly play inspired and others are just on Christian Education in the home.  

On Godly Play

Godly Play Inspired Home Play - Part 1: What is Godly Play?
Godly Play Inspired Home Play - Part 2: Resources for getting Started at Home
Godly Play Inspired Home Play - Part 3: Creating the Space

In other Places
The Importance of Play on Transpositions

Old Testament
      Creation Reflection (reflection after presenting Godly Play Volume 2: Lesson)
      Seven Days of Creation at home: onetwothreefourfivesixseven 
      Creation - godly play, but with figures not cards (Godly Play inspired creation lesson)
Ascension Day (godly play inspired lesson)
     Joseph (Godly Play Volume 6: Lesson)

New Testament
     Godly Play: Advent in Felt (Godly Play Volume 3: Lessons 1-4)
     Playing in Advent (Annunciation and an angel in Joseph's dream)

     Parable of the Mustard Seed (Godly Play Vol 3: Lesson 12)
     The Good Shepherd (Godly Play Volume 3: Lesson 7 - materials adapted/mine is 3-D)

Lent and Easter:
     Palm Sunday and Here
     Last Super and Maundy Thursday
     Good Friday

Church Year and Liturgical Understanding (Sacraments)
Circle of the Church Year (Godly Play Volume 2: Lesson 1)
Baptism (Volume 3: Lesson 6)

The Saints:
Thomas Aquinas (Godly Play Volume 7: Lesson 3 - materials adapted)
Valentine (Godly Play Volume 7: Lesson 4 - materials adapted)

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Books under our godly play table
The Story of Joseph
The Lord's Prayer
Creation Books
Noah Books
Easter Books

Thoughts on Prayer with Children
Prayer with Children
The Mealtime Grace
Praying in Color
Praying for Japan
Pretzels for Lent