Friday, April 22

Good Friday

 For a Good Friday Reflection I will send you to Jim's post today on Transpositions - I've been meditating on the poem he shared and am thinking that we may need to write it out and memorize it together as a family.  Jonah really liked it tonight when Jim read it with him.

Our Good Friday service here at home was simple once again.  We set up more of the story across the mantle.  And we then looked at a painting together.  I was hoping that it would be a meditative prayer exercise, which didn't end up looking as I had imagined, the boys were tired and we simply looked at the painting and did some look-and-find, but even that was prayerful in its own way.  
Last night we added the last super to our mantle, and then tonight we made the mount of Olives (green fabric over a bowl), the courtyard/trial (a few blocks), Golgotha (green fabric over a casserole with a stick cross stuck in plasticine), and then on the shelf next to the mantle we made the tomb (see below) and a path leading up to it.  We told the story and placed Christ's body in the tomb.

 The painting we looked at was Road to Calvary by Simone Martini.  If found it in this new (at least new to us) book "The Life of Jesus in Masterpieces of Art".  I really like what I've read so far.  I bought it because I love the idea of telling the story to great art and it is by Mary Pope Osborne, who Jonah loves (she wrote the Magic Tree House books).  
 We read the first chapters of Peter's First Easter earlier in the day.  I love Ladwig's illustrations and the story is told very well and is in short picture book style chapters, which makes it east to read in stages through Holy Week.  I also love Brian Wildsmith's The Easter Story this time of year.


Margaret said...

Hi Emily! I tried to get my hands on Peter's First Easter, but couldn't find it here. Was that one you brought with you? I did get Brian Wildsmith's book and we've loved it.

Watkins said...

It is out of print both in the UK and US, you have to buy it used. You can get it through

Leslie said...

Hi Emily, Thanks for this post. What a beautiful way to bring Good Friday home. I love your empty tomb with the path - it speaks to me! Blessings to you and yours this Easter!