Tuesday, May 10

Praying The Lord's Prayer

Thanks again for all the great comments on prayer in the 'praying with children' posts.  I've been inspired by your ideas and am grateful for you thoughts.  I wish I currently had more time to dig deeper into this journey of praying with children, but I have been comforted in reminding myself that this can certainly be an ongoing conversation.

I found so much inspiration in your comments and on blogs through the season.  There are a couple posts on others blogs I want to share.  First, check out the Lenten Prayer tree on Warm as Pie.  I've also been happily browsing a blog that I found during this season - Thoughts from the Sheepfold.  I loved the prayer garden for home and the blog as a whole makes me excited about going back to work someday in Children's ministry (not in the near future, but someday).


One prayer that I love to come back to over and over is The Lord's Prayer.  We say it at home from time to time and I love that Jonah always joins in the liturgy for the Lord's Prayer (even when he isn't following along with the rest of the service).  We have several books of the Lord's Prayer, and I thought I'd share my two favorites.  They are very different in their approach, but both are lovely.

First, Time Ladwig's The Lord's Prayer:  This book is modern in its approach and shows a complete story in the illustrations that illuminates the meaning of the prayer in an everyday setting.  A father and daughter go to an older woman's home to help fix up her yard and fence.  They do the work and the little girl is tempted to take a necklace that she finds (which has the Lord's Prayer on it).  The illustrations are thoughtful and there are lots of things to discuss through the book with an older child.

The Second Lord's Prayer book that I love is Give Us This Day illustrated by Tasha Tuder.  I love Tuder's work and have since I was a child - corgis and all.  The pictures are sweet, and though they lack the coherent story line of Ladwig's work, they show children in creation and capture the wonder of nature. 

Do you have a favorite book on the Lord's Prayer or a way of saying the prayer with children?


Leslie said...

Hi Emily,
Thanks so much for mentioning my blog! What a wonderful surprise! I've been enjoying yours so much, and look forward to every post. Thanks for this one on the Lord's Prayer.

EricaG said...

Thanks for the mention! The Tim Ladwig book looks amazing. We need to find that one!

emily said...

Emily - Richard Jesse Watson just came out with a Lord's Prayer book and it's gorgeous. He's doing a show of the originals at Regent this month!

Watkins said...

Thanks I love Watson's work and will look into getting ahold of that one for sure. Thanks for mentioning it.

EricaG said...

Hmmm...my comment disappeared. I just wanted to thank you for mentioning my blog. Thanks!