Tuesday, May 3

Buggy Makeover Number 2

 A friend passed this little pink stroller to us when they moved back to the states and the boys have loved it, but it ended up in the garage for awhile this winer and grew a bit of mold.  I wasn't really that sad, the fabric seat was a very thin cotton with a printed pink tweed and pastel hearts all over it.  I'm all for boys enjoying pink, but it this fabric was just not my thing.  So an evening last week I decided that my other projects could wait... 
I think it took a half hour total.  I used the old seat as a pattern and used ready made bias tape, making it a very fast project.  It's always satisfying to give new life to an old toy!

The boys were thrilled when they saw the new seat and race around with it inside and out (though I can't get Rowan to put a doll or stuffed animal in it - he always laughs, pulls it out and then keeps running.)  I'm all about teaching boys to nurture and be good daddies, but I must admit, neither of my boys seems nearly as into it as the little girls we know (and it isn't for any lack of opportunity or mum trying.)

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