Monday, May 2

18 Months Old and Still Our Jolly Boy

This little man is really 18 months old (actually 19 in a couple days.)

I'm happily discovering that the greatest privilege of parenting is getting to know your children.  The past eighteen months have been filled with wonder as I've watched Rowan become the dramatic, animated, into-everything, outdoorsy, silly, dirt-loving, bike obsessed, shy but extroverted, musical toddler that is always at my elbow, pulling a chair around to each place I go in the kitchen so he can be in the action, often while wearing his bike helmet and wellies.  And as I've watched this little man unfold I am constantly reminded of my serious, organized, intent, bookish, fact-loving, thoughtful toddler who was often found alone reading, making worlds with trains and animals, and sorting at 18 months old (all of which still describes him quite well).  And I realize how amazing they both are - so different in personality, but both so sweet and such precious gifts.

I give you eighteen months with Rowan...

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