Monday, September 5

Seven Days of Creation: Day One

Light and Dark::
Jonah has moved up to the 'big kids' sunday school class.  And while I'm a little sad that he won't be having godly play each week, I'm also glad.  He is so very excited to be doing his own thing and this week he came home with a dinosaur made from an orange juice carton, egg carton pieces, straws and sticks - creative to say the least.  They are studying creation this month, so I decided to follow up at home.  In fact, I think we may just go through Genesis this fall.  This week we are going to go through the seven days of creation - one day at a time.  Today was 'God created Light and Dark'.  We read some favorite creation books (which I'm hoping to share later in the week) and the scriptures, as well as, had an art lesson on light and dark with some paint (a bit of a stretch, but sort of related).

I'm also keen to memorize some scripture with Jonah this fall.  We've done some scripture memory through songs and the liturgy in the past couple years, but we haven't been intentional about memorizing verses and the time seems right.  So, of course, this week we'll begin at the beginning with Genesis 1:1.  Does anyone know of a good outline of verses that it is helpful to memorize - especially one that includes OT verses?

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Laura said...

I always enjoyed the classic verses in Tasha Tudor's And It Was So (only it's KJV). I had Darius and Tierney memorize the 23rd Psalm and Luke 2: 8-20 when they were age 4. I made flashcards up of verses I thought were particularly important but they are in storage, I think most of those were NT anyway. Love that my nephews are old enough to be memorizing scripture! And I love your creation activities!