Sunday, September 4

Some Greek Olympic Games

We're still plowing through our history curriculum, which Jonah begs to do every day.  This week we began learning about ancient Greece.  Along with reading Mary Pope Osborne's Greek Myths and Hour of the Olympics and raiding the library for books about greece; we decided to host a mini greek olympics and greek dinner.  It was low-key and fun.  We've been asked, by an excited five year old, if we can do it again next week (I said maybe next year - the ancient olympics were an annual event.)

On the menu: grape leaves and olives (from the farmers market)
hummus, tzatziki and veggies
greek salad 
homemade baclava



Phyllis said...

I love the natural leaf head-wreaths. What fun!

Laura said...

Wish we had been there! I'm sure Liliana would have loved it!