Wednesday, December 22

Jesse Tree: Part 2

Here are the rest of our Jesse tree ornaments for the year and a picture of the tree with three weeks worth on it.  The tree looks nice and I'm pleased with how this project turned out.  You can see Jesse Tree: Part 1 here (where I explain the concept).  Again, I used these devotionals and symbols as general guidelines.  We began on the first of December instead of the first day of advent (simply because I didn't get myself organized in time) so we didn't use a couple of the days listed and I rolled the days on Zachariah and Elizabeth Story and John the Baptist into one (somewhat long) devotional and used the baptismal shell to represent both these stories.   

Overall I've been very happy with the devotional and Jonah has enjoyed this each night after dinner.   In the future I would love to work on the prayers and questions to draw out more discussion, but for our young family the simplicity has been fine.

Note: I changed two of the symbols completely.  I used the hand of the prophets instead of the flower the devotional provides to represent the prophets.  The flower had nothing to do with the passage read or the devotional, plus Jonah is familiar with the godly play symbol of the finger pointing to Bethlehem.  I knew this was a good choice when he excitedly exclaimed "Look, it is the hand of the prophets pointing us to Bethlehem" when he drew this leaf out of the calendar.  I also chose to use the godly play symbol of the Road to Bethlehem instead of the sandals to represent their journey.  I like the winding of a path to symbolize a journey and, again, Jonah is already familiar with the symbol.

Top Row: Samuel's horn of oil that anointed David, King David's Crown, The hand of the prophets, Elijah's sacrifice at Mt. carmel
Bottom Row: Jonah's whale, The king's staff from Esther's story, Bethlehem, Daniel and the Lions
Top Row: John the Baptist (a shell has been traditionally used in baptisms),  Mary's Love, Joseph's tools
Bottom Row: the road to Bethlehem, The star of the Christ Child

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