Thursday, December 23

Christmas is Coming

Advent is such a rich time - so many thoughts, projects and so much celebration that there is more that I wanted to share in this space than I have had time to write on.  So I will leave you with a few moments and things around the house right now that I am grateful for in this season.

:We had a lovely solstice celebration with new pjs for the boys and a picnic in the living room followed by darkening of the candles and lights and then the sun candle bringing back the light.

  :The mama, daddy and even a few 4-year-old projects have been popping up here and there around the house.

:We are LOVING The Light in the Lantern: Stories for Advent by Georg Dreissig and have been building a path to Bethlehem on the mantle, representing the miracles on the journey each night.  It is a magical book and hopefully I'll be able to share more next Advent.

:And for now, there are cookies to be baked, gift bags to be sewn (and gifts to put in them), presents to be made or assembled, cleaning to be accomplished, menu planning and shopping to be done, a camera battery charger to find (!!!!), stockings to be hung and well, you get the picture...

I'll be taking a break from this space until Epiphany, though I may throw up a few pictures sporadically as I'm sure there will be lots of photos taken and the grandparents will want to see Christmas photos.

Thanks for joining us here during the year and I wish you the happiest Christmas season!


Anonymous said...

and a very fabulous advent/christmas to your little family too.

Jenny said...

I love your singers. I'll have to put that on the list for next year. And we LOVE the little wooden puppy on your nature table. Where did you get that?

Watkins said...

The wooden puppy was bought in Switzerland at a little shop that sold handmade wooden toys. I looked for more when we were back in the fall, but couldn't find any (though we were in a different part and the little shop in Murren may still sell them.

EricaG said...

Have a wonderful Christmas, Emily!

The Egan Family said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Emily! Although our paths didn't cross nearly enough when we lived in St Andrews, it has been a blessing to me to get to know you better this year through this space!

Jessica said...

I am so happy to have stumbled upon your blog today! (I think I got here from Rhythm of the Home) I am VERY interested in learning more about godly play, and am just beginning to learn about the church calendar and am fascinated by what you write here (like you, it wasn't my tradition growing up but I am really drawn to it as an adult and mother). I have enjoyed what I've read here! Looking forward to reading more!