Sunday, December 26

The Magic of Christmas Day

Jonah Sings Go Tell it on the Mountain
Rowan and Leif on the way to Christmas Dinner


Lucy said...

I love the name Leif for the dolly! ery cute and amusing! Good choice.

Watkins said...

It was my mom's suggestion and it just seemed to fit. I kept trying to pick a scottish name, but it just wasn't working.

Jenny said...

Leif is a great name! I love the wood farm set. We so wanted things like that for our kids for Christmas, but I can't seem to pull my family away from buying the kids chunky plastic stuff from target. Maybe next year. By the way, I was just reading through your blog and noticed our two littlest boys are just days apart in age. My Kian was born on October 1st the same year as Rowan. :)