Wednesday, December 29

Narnian Adventures

Narnia has been the imaginary world of choice in our home for the past month.  We finished the series just before Christmas and in the three evenings before the happy holiday I managed to put together four waldorf dollhouse dolls for Jonah (using the book Making Waldorf Dolls).  I wish I had more time for their clothing, but as I was dressing them on Christmas Eve and had other matters to attend to that evening as well... felt was the fabric of choice.  Perhaps I'll redress them at some point.  But, for now, Jonah is happy and Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy are content in their Narnian tree house (the grandparents all ordered from myriad toys this year and it was a beautiful Christmas!)  Mum and Jonah are both enjoying some Narnian adventures with lots of wooden and schleich animals, as well as, the dolls.  
Oh yes, and some Christmas legos were added too.  Legos are the toy of choice lately, so narnia and legos is a winning combination.


Sue said...

I love the dolls you made. I was wondering if they were a gift from someone or if you made them. What a great idea for Jonah's tree house!

Jenny said...

Ha Ha! Love the little cannon in the last picture. My Logan has also been a Narnia fan for some time now. Last Christmas we were given the whole set (of all the books) on CD! Its a wonderful gift because we live 20 min from the closest town so we always have nice car listening time. We also love Adventures in Odyssey for books (actually shows) on tape. Have you discovered those yet? They are from Focus on the Family and are Christian based. Great stuff!

Watkins said...

I grew up on Adventures in Odyssey and love them. I have a lot of the CDs, but they are in storage in the US. Jonah has listened to a few online though. Narnia on CD is something on our wishlist - that would be fun!