Friday, December 31

The Season of Christmas

Thinking of Christmas as a season and not a day is something that I've been growing into the past few years.  It still seems long at times to have twelve days of Christmas, but I am so grateful to not feel the 'its over' on boxing day that has always felt like the magic has gone away.  A friend recently reflected on the twelve days by comparing it to the first weeks of bringing a new baby home, where the family stays in and life slows down as everyone wonders over the newness in their life.  I've carried this reflection this season, trying to simply be and rejoice in the newness of Christ's incarnation.  We are marking these days quietly with our giving quests, time with friends, small gifts (some days), stories, play and some Mistletoe Kisses.  (Rowan's sweet kissing sound when he sees the mistletoe is something I hope to always remember.)  We are all home all twelve days, which is a blessing that we doubt we will often have.

Christ has come and we sit in wonder of this newness in our lives. 

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Sue said...

I would love to see and hear Rowan's kissing sound! Maybe on an ichat? Glad you all are enjoying the Christmas season and each other.