Sunday, January 2

The Giving Quests

Many of you, my dear friends and readers, may have read this article I wrote earlier this fall on our 12 days of Giving Quests and I wanted to give an update on how the quests are going so far.  I've already changed a couple of the quests, we missed one day because we had both a party and a play-date and I keep swapping around what we are doing each day.  We are keeping it very simple.  There is part of me that wants to do quests that somehow give the boys a global perspective and a heart for the developing world; but then I remind myself of their ages and remember that right now the important thing is teaching them to give even in especially in small everyday ways.  And, I also remind myself that the most important task of these twelve days is to mark the time that we wonder at the mystery of Christmas.  

A few of you emailed or commented that you might take on some quests of your own.  Please feel free to share what you are doing in the comments (if you aren't to busy questing.)

Above: Rowan and Jonah work on Thank You cards for their day one quest (and Jo enjoys a candy cane!)

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