Monday, November 29


 We have entered the time of advent.  It is a time of waiting, but also a time of preparing for the great mystery of Christmas.  What does it mean to prepare for the mystery of Christmas and not get caught up in the business of the season?  I have plans for celebrations to share and stories to tell; but I also want time to ponder and be still.  I want to ponder (as Mary did) all that the advent of Christ means.  I'm excited to share the magic of Christmas with my sons and welcome all that santa, elves, christmas gnomes and treats add to this time; but I also want the magic of Christmas to point them back to the mystery of the incarnation.  I want to celebrate the in-breaking of God's kingdom.  I long to practice giving generously to each other and others; but I also don't want the season to become enshrined in wrapping paper and wish lists.  I want to give out of love and not compulsion.

Notes on our godly play table at home: The cloth has changed from the green of ordinary time to the purple of advent.  Postcards and Christmas cards from years past depicting the story hang above this space.  The nativity has appeared.  The felt card depicting the hand of the prophets and the first candle of advent is laying out (from Advent 1 lesson in godly play.)  Our advent calendar hangs above the table ready for the pieces to place on our Jesse tree (I'm hoping to start on the first of December, but must make the pieces first - I'll write more on this soon I hope.)  

I love that both boys started their play this morning in this space that transformed after they were in bed last night.  The cloth and pieces are now laying on the floor where little hands pulled them after much exploration, but I am so grateful to see them playing with the story that I'll gladly remake the scene (the first remake of many this season I'm sure!)


EricaG said...

I made complete Jesse Tree ornaments for both families in our Bible study last year. By the time I finished those, I lost the motivation to make some for us! We're going to do something a little different this year. I'll share on my blog soon. Happy Thanksgiving!

Watkins said...

I look forward to hearing what you are up to in advent.

Deb Chitwood said...

I always love seeing the beautiful ways you use Godly Play at home! I'll be featuring all your Advent activities at