Sunday, November 28

Our Town: St. Andrews, St. Andrews

Thanks Giving: Church

Day 28 - A November discipline of giving thanks each day

We have been going to St. Andrews church (in the town of St. Andrews - thus it is called St. Andrews, St. Andrews) since our third week in Scotland.  And while there are a lot of things I would love to change about our church experience right now, I am grateful for this place and the people that fill it.  I am grateful that the first Sunday we attended Jonah (age 2 at the time) asked when we could come back and that we've been able to start Godly Play with the 2-5s, which Jonah loves.  I'm grateful for Rowan's baptism in these walls, the friendships we've made and for the eucharist we share each week.  And I'm also grateful for the beauty of this old Scottish building and the stories in the many stained glass windows.

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