Saturday, November 27

Thanks Giving: Liliana

Day 27 - A November discipline of giving thanks each day

I'm feeling particularly grateful and lonely for my wee niece who is celebrating her first birthday today.  Oh, how I wish I could be there.   

And as it is the year for birthday crowns...

(The lighting is funny in these pictures, but I finished the crown up the night before it needed to be sent and couldn't wait for natural light before packaging it up so Jim could mail it.)


Anonymous said...

This is really beautiful. I love the tape/ribbon around the bottom at the front.

Laura said...

We are truly thankful for this beautiful work of art! It is such fun to Liliana wear it on her birthday --and for many birthdays to come! Thank you for all the time spent in making this lovely crown--so much embroidery, and applique and I love it! Especially the Hawaiian-quilt type applique!