Tuesday, November 30

The Christmas 'To Do' List

Oh, I had such plans for my handmade holiday, but there is a lot of stitching to do and the Christmas parties, Church play (A Medieval Morality Play in which I play Discretion), and other festivities are upon us.   I've started flannel solstice PJs for the boys and Rowan's doll in the past couple days, but time for sewing doesn't seem to be coming.  I shall have to prioritize... who needs clean dishes anyway and swept carpets are definitely overrated.
Not to mention the more pressing needs.  Jonah needed a warmer hat.  I finished it last Thursday just in time for the snow that has been falling and laying for the past few days. (This area of Scotland doesn't typically get much snow so we are enjoying it.)  The hat is a patternless - cast on 72 stitches - rib 4x4 and when it seems about right start decreasing... it worked and was fast and very doable while conversing or watching a movie.  It is warm and my boy likes it, so I'm content.

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