Friday, January 8

Celebrating Epiphany

We've been attempting to build traditions around the twelve days of Christmas. The last day of Christmas is Epiphany, which is the day of the wise men.

Some friends told us about the custom of filling shoes on Dia de Reyes with grass for the wisemens' camels. The wisemen then leave gifts in return.

We forgot to have Jonah fill his shoes the night before. So, before dinner on Epiphany we told him to fill his shoes. He did. He then proceeded to fine everyone else's shoes and fill those too. Luckily the wisemen had some extra candy for all those extra shoes!

Jonah pasted Gems on crowns for every one before dinner. We had breakfast for dinner. I attempted to make the pancakes in the shape of crowns with Blueberries for gems. I also made the Italian Grotto Eggs from "A Homemade Life" - so yummy!

After dinner Jonah was delighted to find that the wise men had left him a book and three candies to represent the gold, frankincense and Myrrh.

We then read the story of the wise men from Matthew, which put someone to sleep.
Happy Epiphany!

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Deb Chitwood said...

What lovely Epiphany traditions you have! The custom of filling shoes with grass for the wisemens' camels sounds like so much fun! I featured this post and another of your Epiphany posts at