Sunday, December 5

Celebrating St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas, bishop of Myra, was best known for giving food and money to the poor and for making toys and gingerbreads for children.  The past two years we've had friends join us for a St. Nick Dinner (simple soup and salad) followed by St. Nick bags with a small wood toy, a gingerbread man, chocolate coins and an orange to represent all the things he was known for giving. 

This year we added two books to our library Saint Nicholas: The Real Story of the Christmas Legend and Saint Nicholas: The story of the real Santa Claus.  I'm impressed with both, they are well illustrated and are good tellings of the story of the three daughters St Nick gave money to (secretly in the night - and some of it supposedly fell in stockings) for their dowries.   The former goes into the 'legend of Santa Clause' at the end, which I don't read aloud because I want to keep the magic of Santa alive for Jonah.  They are both good resources for celebrating Saint Nicholas Day (typically Dec 6, though in Holland and in our house this year Dec 5.)

Two girls, St. Nick, money bag, and stocking for telling and playing with the St. Nicholas story.

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David said...

Happy St. Nicholas day!