Thursday, December 2

Duct Tape, a Box, a Garbage Bag and a Hill Full of Snow

Daddy tried to buy a sled in town, but as was to be expected with a large and unexpected snow like this, their wasn't one to be found.  So, he made one instead.  Monday night Daddy spent the evening taping and cutting up a box (which had already been a halloween beanbag toss and a small house).  Tuesday Jim came home early and we went to Hallowed hill.  There hasn't been school this week (due to snow) and you will see we weren't the only ones with sledding on the mind.  Our homemade sled worked well and Jim and Jonah spent close to two hours climbing up and sledding down the hill - over and over.


Lucy said...

Hello! I just wanted to say that I have been enjoying your blog - not least because I was at uni in St As and lived there the first couple of years after we married (well we lived in Colinsburgh but worked at KK Electrics!) and reading your blog makes me all nostalgic.

Anonymous said...

Hi, really enjoying reading your blog (found through you're lovely 12 days of giving post on the Rhythm of the Home). If you ever get desperate for a sledge again then I can recommend a standard kitchen tray - although possibly not for such a small person to use as they're quite difficult to control. Lots of fun though!