Tuesday, July 30

Chalk Paint

I was thinking of titling this post 'Fun with Chalk Paint', but to be honest, I'm a bit sick of painting at the moment.  I do love this stuff though!  I love the layers of color, the sandpaper distressing, and the waxes, which leave it so smooth and soft.  But mostly, I love that I can buy an ugly black magazine rack for a dollar at goodwill and make it into something I love.

This rack was painted black.  I did two layers of yellow and two of blue before sanding it to create the old distressed look.  Then I used a dark wax, which adds to the aged look.

This table for Jonah's tree house is actually the same color as the magazine rack above (the color in the photo isn't very good.)  It is funny, the tree house has never been played with as much as I expected... until now.  Somehow this table under the window in Jonah's room has become the hot spot for all three boys.  Dino hunts, Narnian adventures (remember the narnia dolls?), and brrmm-brrmm organization are the favorite imaginings right now.  It isn't infrequent to find them all crowded around the table each in their own little world.
These corner craft shelves were this week's project.  They are duck egg blue and are also distressed a bit (though you can't see it in the photo.)  I love having craft shelves by the kitchen table because that is where we always end up crafting.  The baskets on top of the shelves hold paints, hole punches, and adhesives.  The cupboard holds clay,  canvases, and other random supplies.

I wish I had taken before photos on all of these, but alas, I didn't think to snap a photo.

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