Wednesday, July 31

Sneaky Art

We found the book Sneaky Art: Crafty Surprises to Hide in Plain Sight on the new-book shelf at the library recently.  It was a fun book to page through and would be really fun for older kids who can craft more independently.  Rowan loved the ideas, but they were a bit beyond him (Mr. 7 doesn't generally have very much interest in crafting.)  But I did make some sneaky banners from the book yesterday and both older boys had a really fun time finding them around the house!

Oh, and while I'm on crafty books from the library, we recently discovered Crafty Chloe.  Rowan, my crafting buddy, had me read it over and over.  I'm all about boys reading books with girl protagonists, but this book did make me long for an equivalent boy book where they made space shuttles and robots!  Does anyone know of one?  Or want to write one?

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