Thursday, August 1

This Week in Ordinary Time

:: Three boys have been camping and traveling through time to find some amazing prehistoric beasts in our back yard.  (And who knew the kiddy pool is as much fun upside down as a fort as it is filled with water!)

 :: We discovered Mum's stamp collection, which came out of storage.  What a mess, but such fun!

 :: We found Mr. Tumnus' Umbrella! Yes, it came out of storage and has Mr. Tumnus written on the handle.  Has Mum been to Narnia?  That is the question of the week!

:: We've been devouring Geronimo Stilton Books, which a new friend of Jonah's introduced us to.  The library is full of them and the boys are loving it!  We particularly like the Kingdom of Fantasy series.

:: I'm realizing that my kids are becoming city kids, with weekly museum trips and park/ nature center visits.  I must admit I've been a bit surprised how much I love living in a city.

:: I've taken a quick break from furniture painting and have been organizing the sewing closet and shelves, which means sorting through lots of fabric.  I've been looking forward to this task and am just itching to finish up and find myself ready to sew!

::We finally got organized for a 'new house' photo.  It isn't the quality, the collection of happy smiles or the pose I imagined, but it will have to do.


EricaG said...

I love this whole post, but I especially love seeing your family in front of the new house. Congrats!

The Egan Family said...

Emily, it's wonderful to see you putting together your house and enjoying being more settled! I remember well our conversation about longing for that, and I rejoice with you in the answer to those longings!