Monday, July 29

The Library

Well, it is about time I begin to show you around our little home.  I think I'm finally at the point where I'm accepting that while there are lots of projects I still dream of completing, they might be awhile in getting done and this space must be hospitable finished or not!  So despite the fact that the chairs aren't painted yet (they will be antique white as the yellow doesn't match), come on into our library.  

We have always wanted a library.  Our school room in St. Andrews, was close, but this is much better.  It is our favorite room with lots of natural light and now lots of books!  The table is the perfect place to play games and because it is just off the kitchen I can take a turn and then stir dinner while boys take their turns.   We often have a couple games going at once and books scattered all over the table, but I tidied this morning (another reason now is a good time to show you around!)

We spent so many hours painting the shelves (all picked up in alleys or at thrift stores).  The four cases that match (what a lucky thrift store find!) were cherry-looking particle board and the dye leaked through the chalk paint leaving pink streaks, so we had to do two or three coats of primer before doing one or two coats of chalk paint and then a coat of wax.  I don't even want to know how many hours I spent painting shelves in the basement! But, I love chalk paint (more project sharing to come), it looks so soft and finished and we are so happy with our little library.  
The table and chairs were Jim's grandparents and gifted to us when we moved here.  I've always admired the table and it is an antique that originated in Pennsylvania. 
And these are our nature shelves/table.  We plan on eventually making something slightly larger for this space, but these shelves, which were found in our alley on a nightly walk, work for now.  Filled with books on birds, trees, minerals, gardening, our beloved Handbook of Nature Study and some sketchbooks; these shelves are something I've been wanting, a place to collect all the nature/science books for quick reference.


Margaret said...

I love it Emily! I already feel "welcomed" into your new home. How exciting to be settled!

Watkins said...

Oh, I wish you really could come by Margaret! It would be fun for the kids to have a playdate.