Thursday, January 10

January and February

As we enter ordinary time once again I'm beginning to think through the couple months ahead and thought that I would share some dates and some links to celebrations past - just a little food for thought for those of you who love planning through the church year as much as I do.

January 28 - Feast Day of Saint Aquinas
February 2 - Candlemas/ Presentation of Jesus in the Temple (a.k.a. Groundhog Day)
February 13 - Ash Wednesday (begin Lent)
February 14 - Feast of St. Valentine (I just made a pinterest Valentine Board)

Happy Planning :o)


the striped rose said...

Thanks for the links! Isn't Pinterest fantastic for liturgical planning? I tried to divide my boards by month, but some feasts could fall in two months, so I just kept dividing. I gave Irish saints their own board. Here is my link if you want to see them. Liturgical boards are past recipes and homeschool. (I went crazy subdividing those too.) ;)

Katie Coons said...

Reading your blog is like a little oasis.. We are in the midst of crazy transition (read CRAZY... across the world and trying to settle) but I can keep in mind that routine with the kids is important. Thanks for a window into your world:)

Watkins said...

Oh, I had fun looking through your liturgical boards Michele! What wonderful ideas you've collected. Thanks for sharing them!

And Katie, I'm glad it seems like an oasis... I know the rigors of across the world moves with small children. I still tell people we just moved; I'm not over the cross atlantic move and it has been four months now! Happy settling and while routine is important, learning to be flexible and go with the flow is really valuable too (at least that is what I tell myself in unrhythmic moments in these transitional days)