Wednesday, January 9

The New Year

As I entered last year I wanted to make a simple banner that said Peace.  And while the banner was never made, I kept that single word as a prayer through the year - PEACE.  There were certainly moments when fear, anxiety and frustration found me, but overall there was a sense of peace in all the unknowing.  I am grateful and certain that the peace was not of my own doing.  

In the past few weeks as we said goodbye to 2012 and welcomed 2013 a new word has been on my mind - HOPE.  I am so hopeful that things will become clear in the year before us and that we will settle into our own home with meaningful work before us.  It is a hope full of faith that there is a plan for us and that, while it may be a difficult and there may be things that aren't what we would choose before us, we will be given our daily bread and we will find joy.  So that is my prayer as we settle temporarily once again.

And this year I found the time to put together a very simple banner over the table I've claimed on the third floor.  At this desk I am surrounded by wooden trains, books and our kitchen set where wee boys are occupied.  I am hopeful that I can steal some moments in this space to write and sew.  We shall see.

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