Tuesday, January 8

Christmas Memories

Christmas is over and, while I loved Christmas, I'm grateful to be entering another stretch of ordinary time, especially as we are slightly more settled than we have been in six months.  This week has been about rebuilding our routines and choosing activities for the boys for this spring.  But, I don't want to leave Christmas without sharing some favorite memories.

:: Children baking cookies
:: Ike's first steps
:: Preparing and eating yummy christmas meals with family (including Christmas Eve star bread - a family tradition)
:: Spending hours "digging for dinos" with Jonah's new dino dig kit
:: Legos, trucks, robots, and new bikes bringing lots of Christmas joy to wee boys
:: Snow and daily sledding at Grandma and Granddads house
::Watching Isaac's joy interacting with Granddad's dogs (oh, I do hope a four footed friend is somewhere in our future!)
:: Unpacking our belongings shipped from Scotland once they arrived in Texas.  Half was repacked to be opened when we settle to our new home... sometime.  But, the other half has been unpacked and enjoyed - including our collection of Christmas books.
:: Playing new game expansions (here and here for Ticket to Ride and this one for Shadows over Camalot)
:: Enjoying a few new Christmas books this season - Tomie Depalo's The Birds of Bethlehem

. . . it was a very merry Christmas!

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