Thursday, December 27

A Stocking for Rowan

We are in Pennsylvania for a short time to enjoy the holidays and some wonderful cold weather and beautiful snow!  Sledding, hot chocolate, reading and game playing have all been happening in large doses.  It has been wonderful to be with family these past few months and we have a couple more months of it ahead (though we are headed back south at the end of this week).   And, while I struggle with waves of homesickness for our own home, overall we remain grateful for how well it has worked to be with our parents during this time of transition.

When we returned north last week, I was grateful to find Mom's sewing machine and threw together a stocking for Rowan.  I made one for Jonah's first Christmas (you can see it in this post from long-ago).  When we moved to Scotland we shipped a few boxes of things, but I didn't think to include Christmas stockings and a nativity, which I regretted.  I made four felt stockings to use in Scotland, but always knew that I wanted to make each of the boys their own stocking eventually.  Jonah's remains in storage in Seattle until we settle, so he borrowed a stocking from Grandma this year, who has several extras floating around.  

I pictured making them all similar to Jonah's using solid colored wool and christmas patchwork, but decided this year that their stocking can be as different as my little ones are, plus I really don't like making more than one of anything - planning is the fun part!  I had such a good time raiding Mom's stash of fabric and found ticking, trim and green flannel to go with a wee bit of Mona Luna toadstool fabric that I left here after my birthday.  It is lined with off-white flannel and the toe looks better since being ironed.  I am still contemplating adding a little Rowan tree somewhere on the stocking, but here it is ready-or-not.   


TC Harris said...

The stocking is completely sweet! I LOVE it!

EricaG said...

I adore the stocking! Stockings are on my 2013 to-do list. It was so nice to see you this week. I would have loved to have talked more, but I didn't want to dominate the conversation when you had a chance to be with old friends. :) Happy New Year!

Rachel Marie Stone said...

So cute! This year in Malawi we ended up using some of Tim's Smartwools, and neither Santa nor the boys seemed to mind...but these are such lovely keepsakes. If I can ever get back to my sewing machine, these are something I'd like to make.

Laura Wingard-Plank said...

Love the stocking! and we are so alike in loving to do one of anything but tending to lose my drive when it comes to a second. Hence, I still need to make stockings for my family and am still wrestling with what color theme and how matching they will be--I dread making four identical items but I tend to like the look of a unified collection so we shall see :) Until I do, the girls had fun picking out which stocking to use this year: Liliana picked out a deep-toned tapestry stocking that Mom made for me while I was in college and Vera Rose used a bright red silk/satin stocking I had made for Tierney when she lived with us: quite the clashing color combo! :)