Wednesday, January 16

Family Story: Enter the Tooth Fairy

Jonah not only lost his first tooth earlier this month, within two days he had lost the second.  At six and a half it was to be expected, but it still took me by surprise.  I had known he had a loose tooth, since a dental visit in December, but the dentist said it could be a couple months yet.  I've been planning to design and make a tooth pillow with my boy ever since I heard about the tradition in other families.  But, the tooth fell out a day after our boxes arrived here, and with no fabric or sewing machine unpacked, I lamented the fact we couldn't have the pillow ready for the first tooth fairy visit.  When he lost the second two days later I was determined.  Everything was newly unpacked and a bit disorganized, but Jonah made it easy, saying "I want a yellow pillow (yellow is his favorite color) with a red dinosaur."  I originally planned on doing it all in wool felt, but the yellow wasn't unpacked and he found this yellow fabric saying "Wow, what a cool leaf pattern, that is perfect!"  So a simple pillow was born and placed on his bed just in time for the tooth fairy's second visit.  Whew!

I don't know that I've ever seen him so proud.  Since discovering that his cousins (nine months older and younger than he is) had both lost teeth, loosing teeth has been a regular conversation topic over the past months.  There have been several photo sessions of 'the gap' and then again with his pillow.  Oh, it is exciting!  
note: he was eating blueberries before this picture, his teeth aren't normally an odd shade of blue :o)


alison said...

Love the pillow! My grandma made me a tooth pillow, too. And yellow is also my favorite color (it's so happy)!

Rachel Marie Stone said...

Sweet! I had a tooth pillow. Aidan has had to make do with a ziploc under his pillow. It works, but it's not nearly as sweet as Jonah's.