Tuesday, May 19

Easter Books: Eggs!

Eastertide :: 44/50

I have tried the past couple years to get the Easter books out on or just before Easter and leave them in 'circulation' through all fifty days of Easter.  I thought I would share a few here .  I've been trying to build our collection; we have a small stack of Easter books.  There isn't nearly the selection of Easter books as there are Christmas books, so I'd love any suggestions of favorites you might share! 

These are two books that have been added to our collection over the past couple years.  I'm enjoying them both immensely.  

The Easter Egg is filled with classic Jan Brett illustrations packed with lots to see and adding so much depth to the story.  The boys adore this book and ask for it again and again.  A small bunny watches in awe as all the other bunnies decorate beautiful eggs in all sorts of ways.  He ends up taking care of a fallen robin's egg instead of finishing an egg of his own.  I'll let you guess who wins the contest.

The Egg Tree is precious and an inspiring story.  Cousins go on an egg hunt and one finds some beautiful old eggs in the attic (they weren't part of the hunt) which they hang on a tree.  This book leaves me ready to run to the craft shelves to paint some eggs to hang.  Perhaps next year...

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