Wednesday, May 20

Easter Books: Sacred

Eastertide :: 45/50

I have tried the past couple years to get the Easter books out on or just before Easter and leave them in 'circulation' through all fifty days of Easter.  I thought I would share a few here.  I've been trying to build our collection, we have a small stack of Easter books.  There isn't nearly the selection of Easter books as there are Christmas books, so I'd love any suggestions of favorites you might share! 

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned these before in this space so I won't go on, but they are the two sacred books that we read the most.  I started reading these to the boys just before Holy Week to prepare them to journey though the week.   Peter's First Easter follows Peter through the events of Holy Week and Easter. It is divided into chapters and would be great to read through Holy Week or throughout Lent.  The Easter Story is told from the donkey's perspective.  I always love the details in Brian Wildsmith's illustrations.  Both of these books invite a child to enter a full and difficult story, but they do it in a way that is imaginative and grace filled, allowing the child to enter however far they are ready, but not forcing them into the darkness.

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