Monday, May 18

Easter Books: Old Favorites

Eastertide :: 43/50

I have tried the past couple years to get the Easter books out on or just before Easter and leave them in 'circulation' through all fifty days of Easter.  I thought I would share a few here over the next couple days.  I've been trying to build our collection, we have a small stack of Easter books.  There isn't nearly the selection of Easter books as there are Christmas books, so I'd love any suggestions of favorites you might share! 

These were my two favorite Easter books as a child.  I read them over and over.  I have so enjoyed sharing them with my boys, who also ask to read them over and over again.  Both are sweet magical stories.

The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes is the story of a mama rabbit who is chosen to be an Easter Bunny.  Her well trained children are quite able to carry on without her while she brings joy to children and one sick child in particular.   My favorite part of the story has always been when the 21 children (heavens!) are all assigned tasks - two to paint pictures, two to sing and dance, two to set the table...  The illustrations are precious and I love how the family works together to care for their home.

Grandpa Bunny is a tale of how a rabbit family paints eggs, leaves, birds and bugs, making them all very beautiful.  It is a fun and imaginative story.  When I was growing up my family called any beautiful sunset a Grandpa Bunny Bunny Sky.   The other day my middle boys were inspired to be painting bunnies themselves.  I have a pair of stained shorts to prove it (isn't tempera paint supposed to be washable?) as well as a nature table full of painted pieces from our garden.

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