Wednesday, April 8

Easter Eggs

Easter lasts for seven weeks.  So for these forty-nine days of Easter I am hoping to share moments of celebration and gratitude.  I adore the idea that the mystery of Easter is so great it spills into six more weeks.  But in reality, more than any other time in the church calendar, Easter alludes me.  So my hope is that the practice of sharing moments of celebration and gratitude will illuminate (at least a bit more) what it means to live out this spectacular redemption for forty-nine days.

All thoughts and comments on what Easter spilling into six more weeks looks like for you and/or your family are very, very welcome!

Last year we somehow missed egg dying.  And this year it didn't get done till this Monday.  For some reason dying eggs during Holy Week doesn't really appeal to me.  I know that the tradition began when eggs were a typical item to abstain from during lent, so when Easter arrived everyone had lots of eggs around and would gift them to one another.  So preparing eggs during lent makes sense historically, but I realized this year I would rather have it as an Easter activity.  

I honestly wondered about just skipping dying eggs again this year, but I had a kit from last year (yes, we've always done natural dyes in the past, but I bought a kit last year when I realized that the traditional dyes, which take a lot more time, weren't going to happen).  The joy dying those eggs (over and over again in every color) brought the boys was something to behold.  I had no idea they would be quite so into it.  It was really rather over the top.  One might think they'd never had anyone show them paint or how colors mix before; it was truly celebration.

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