Tuesday, April 7

Easter Reflections

Easter lasts for seven weeks.  So for these forty-nine days of Easter I am hoping to share moments of celebration and gratitude.  I adore the idea that the mystery of Easter is so great it spills into six more weeks.  But in reality, more than any other time in the church calendar, Easter alludes me.  So my hope is that the practice of sharing moments of celebration and gratitude will illuminate (at least a bit more) what it means to live out this spectacular redemption for forty-nine days.

All thoughts and comments on what Easter spilling into six more weeks looks like for you and/or your family are very, very welcome!
I do believe the Easter tree (begun last year) is a tradition that is here to stay.  We didn't use the scripture passages on these leaves through  lent as we did last year (we used this book instead), but I enjoyed decorating our bare branches Saturday night with all the leaves and decorations.    

 Easter day was lovely.  We sang the Hallelujah Chorus right after the processional in church, which set the tone of celebration so perfectly.  The boys were delighted to flower the cross and bring their mite boxes to church.  We shared dinner with friends and ate quite a bit of chocolate.  Yes, all around, it was an auspicious beginning to Eastertide.  

He is Risen!!!  He is Risen Indeed!!! 

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