Thursday, April 9

A Dream Materialized

Easter 4/49 - celebrating all of Easter in gratitude and celebration

Much of Holy week, which was also our spring break, was taken by the beginnings of a chicken coop.  I have been dreaming of having a little backyard flock for a very long time (lets go with 10 years), so when we bought our house in Richmond, I was overjoyed to find that the city zoning had just changed in favor of chickens.  With a baby arriving last spring we decided that chicks would have to wait one more year.  And now, I am overwhelmed with gratitude to see this little dream materializing.

So it's time to introduce you to my girls.  Meet Clementine, Pippi, Milly Molly Mandy, Madeline, Hermoine, and Fruitbat (who also goes by Tsunami at times - I let the boys name one).  The boys adore the chicks and the girls have all been really healthy so far.  The coop is coming rather slowly, but as they are growing at an alarming rate it will get done in the next few weeks one way or another.  Overall we've been happily surprised by how well boys and chicks get along, how low maintenance they are (I read so much about illnesses and problems beforehand I was expecting to have one disaster after another), and how filled with wonder we all are to watch their daily growth.  Yes, this little project is very present in our Easter celebration this year and it really does fit right in.


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