Saturday, April 11

Lengthened Days

6/49 - Easter Gratitude and Celebration
I love that in this part of the world the new life of spring is so very present as we journey through Easter.  The lengthened days of spring are bringing on blossoms, blooms and the beginnings of a garden in our back yard.  I always find myself shocked to discover that the little brown seeds I sow actually sprout.  I think germination is a miracle of creation that will forever fill me with utter awe and wonder. 

Our garden wasn't quite what we had hoped last year.  This year it is such a lovely feeling to not be starting from scratch. Hopefully we can find the time and energy to squirrel proof and are spending more resources on fertilizing to encourage a bit more growth. But I also feel less pressure than I did last year.  Last year wasn't a great garden year, but it was still amazingly fun to have a garden.  I'm finding myself just throwing in what I have on hand this year and haven't made the extensive plans and lists I did last year.  And that my friends is perfect for where we are right now.


Voluntary violets :: Rowan's bed of strawberries :: chard and romaine :: peas :: spinach planted a bit too late in the fall is coming on beautifully now

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