Thursday, February 19


We had a very quiet Ash Wednesday.  It was a snow day.  I think this will be a week made of one school day (assuming tomorrow isn't called off too).  And, we have yet another bug going through our family; it has been a terrible year for staying well around here.

The one thing we did manage to do to mark the time was to play with finger paints in red, blue and purple.  The simple act of finger painting a cross is perfect for preschoolers and they loved mixing the colors to get various shades of purple.  I loved talking to them about this time of waiting and beginning our journey through Lent together in this simple way.

We are reading through All About Jesus:The Life and Teachings of Jesus in the Bible's Own Words
during Lent.  I've done various reading plans of Mark in the past, but love that this book is illustrated and goes through Christ's life (beginning at Creation - that was a fun discussion last night!)  And there is something very simple about grabbing a book to read each night, which is very much where we are right now!

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