Monday, March 16

An Easter Garden

We've made Easter gardens out of collected items before, but I don't think we've ever grown anything.  This year, inspired by some of the lovely gardens on pinterest,  I bought some lavander (it smells so lovely) and another inexpensive house plant, grass spot repair (it grows fast and comes in a small bag), potting mix, a small pot and a large plant saucer.   Rowan and Isaac were happy to help me and then used the leftover grass seed to fill spots around the yard (a bonus!)

Five days later grass is already sprouting.  We are keeping it indoors by a window and I'm using a spray bottle to water it so the seed doesn't wash away.  It should be very green by Easter.


Anonymous said...

Is there a reason the pictures don't seem to display on the post? Maybe it's a problem on my end?

Watkins said...

I'm not sure. I've checked on my computer and phone and they appear. Maybe try reloading. Sorry I'm not more help!

gmyo said...

Hummm....still seem unable to see it. I checked your pinterest page so got the idea. I'd love to try this this year!