Thursday, May 8


Monday night we were admitted to the hospital, where I 'labored' for several hours before it all stopped, just as quickly as it started.  With my fourth labor (trust me I know what real contractions feel like) I never would have guessed that we'd have 'false labor'.  In the mean time my Dad made his way south to stay with the boys while we were all adjusting to our little one.  Well, there is no little one yet, but it has been a wonderful distraction for all of us (most of all for me) to have Granddad here.

Today we went fishing.  Rowan asked "Are you good at fishing Mom?" and I answered very quickly "No, I've never had the patience for it.  When I was little and Granddad was teaching me to fish I never liked to sit still and wait."  As I sat watching my little men reel in fish and play with worms I smiled at the fact that I'm still not good at sitting and waiting... yet, that is what I'm doing right now.  Waiting for a little one to come, a little one we are so very eager to meet.

Isaac caught his first fish.  I loved that the first thing he asked with concern was "Are you okay fishy?"


Margaret said...

Emily, being overdue is no fun! I hope he or she arrives soon and I'll be checking back often for an update!

Watkins said...

Thanks, we're hanging in there. We'll take it one day at a time. They'll only let me go a week from today, so it can't be much longer :o)