Saturday, May 10

Easter Lasts for Fifty Days

 Easter is a bit of a frustration to me.  It is so underplayed in our culture (even in most churches). Christmas gets so much more hype.  I keep pondering how to add more meaningful celebration to our Easter (without adding more consumption and stress to the agenda).  We keep working on adding traditions that are meaningful and yet, simple to repeat each year.  The Easter tree is one of these traditions that we are loving.

I was excited to find  little wooden Easter ornaments in a little box that came out of storage when we moved back to the states.  I made some tissue flowers and hung knitted eggs for an Easter morning surprise.  We've done some sort of Easter tree in the past few years, but I really enjoyed that we added leaves through lent turning our tree to spring and then added a real dose of celebration on resurrection day that will be around until the end of the Easter season.  I'm happy to have our Easter tree for the next fifty days to remind us of the great mystery of Easter that is so wonderful it just keeps going.

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