Tuesday, April 22

He is Risen!

But before we move to Easter... let me share a few snapshots of Lent.  Perhaps one day I'll stay ahead of myself in this space, but for now I hope you don't mind looking back from time to time!

I was grateful to return to the tradition of stripping our Christmas tree to make a cross for lent.  We haven't had our own real tree the past couple years so it wasn't possible.

To make the cross I used our hedge clippers to snip off the tree branches.  I used our miter saw to chop of the top third to make the smaller piece of the cross, but a hand saw would work well too.   I used a strip of purple cotton to bind the two pieces together.

 We are hoping to do some flower making to decorate the cross through the fifty days of Easter.
I finished our lenten banner a few days before Easter and now need to make a white one... but I'm just pleased that it got done at all.  It is made from a taffeta scrap I had in my stash and the cross was made with masking tape and fabric paint.  I'm determined to make banners for all the seasons this year... three down, two more to make.

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