Wednesday, February 26

The Little Boys Room

I've promised some friends and family after we moved in that I would post pictures of our new house, which isn't feeling very new anymore and is feeling so very much like home!  Forgive me if I do go on a bit, but I want to document some of the items in the room for the boys sake when they want to remember this space later in life.  

I posted pictures of Jonah's room and the library over the summer and am pretty sure there are decent pictures of the living room and kitchen mixed into other posts.  So that just leaves the sewing room/guest room/train table room/study (yes, this one small room has many functions and thus needs some help :o), and the two upstairs bedrooms.  

 I totally fell for the two upstairs bedrooms when we looked at the house.  They are spacious and have sweet little nooks.   I do believe that this fall/winter we've gotten the little boys room to a good place.  I would still love to add some artwork and eventually paint the room, but those will have to be longer term goals.  I'm also still looking for twin beds for the older boys, which I hope will surface soon, but am on quite a tight budget which makes it trickier.

Over the past few weeks we've had several snow days and Jim and I used the opportunity to cut boards for a set of shelves to make a reading nook in the little boys room.  They aren't anything to speak of craftsmanship wise, but they fit the space well and are sturdy.  And, they look a whole lot better than the heap of books that were in the corner till now.  I also brought up some beanbags that made their way to us from Seattle (they were in Jim's grandparent's home in seattle)  I'm not sure if they were meant to come to us, but they are perfect in this space!
Ike's bed was a thrift store find and he loves his little Christmas quilt, so it will probably stay through the winter (I don't really have anything else I want to use so there may be another quilt to make?)

The little shelves in this picture were made by Jim and I for our very first apartment.  At that point they held pitchers, dishes and cookbooks.  It is funny to think about putting anything breakable on this level now!  The rocker in the corner was Jim's mom's when she was a girl.  The doll high chair was a thrift store find a couple weeks ago.  The ironing board and table were gifts for Isaac's birthday (thanks grandparents and great-grandparents!)
The little red hutch was mine when I was a girl; it was made by my grandfather, which makes it doubly special.  My parents brought it soon after we moved in.  It was unfinished wood and was looking pretty beat up, so it received new glass knobs and a couple coats of paint.  The kitchen was given to Jonah our first Christmas in Scotland and holds such sweet memories of that magical time.  The market stand was Jim and my gift to the boys at Christmas.  It was quick to make and inspired by the one in this book.  We are hoping to paint it white at some point, but as it was made Christmas Eve it has yet to be taken away to be painted.

And so you know that Rowan has a bed too... or at least a mattress and springs :o)  I love that this rocker I sit on each night as I read to my wee boys was my grandmother's.  I have dreams of putting a coat of paint and some cushions on it.  Oh, I have lots of dreams.

I've always avoided having play space in bedrooms as it does get messy, but I knew when we bought this home that if it was going to work for us the boys rooms, which are good sizes, would have to also have to hold their toys, especially the kitchen and legos.  The shopping cart has been wonderful as we can just toss food and toy plates, etc into it to be sorted when we are playing and I'm just getting used to the fact that there will be some toys about when we tuck in some nights; we try to tidy before bed, but between legos and food and other toys, we don't always have the time or patience to finish up.
This nook which took shape last week is Ike's new favorite spot.  Often if I don't see him for a bit I'll find him up here paging through books (I have another book lover on my hands!)


Phyllis said...

What a wonderful bedroom for young kids. I love it.

Tobi said...

I stumbled onto your blog through Pinterest (love the peg doll play characters, set, etc.!). I love this room! Your mention of Legos made me think of my 3 boys. I gave up trying to keep Legos organized long ago. Now, my six and eight-year-old share a room and their Lego collection is sprawled on a huge table in their room.