Saturday, August 17

The Big Boy Room

On with our virtual tour of the house... This is 'The Big Boy Room'.  We're trying not to call it Jonah's room as we expect Rowan to move in and bunks to be purchased at some point in the next couple years.  But, for now, only Jonah sleeps here.  There are two larger bedrooms upstairs in this house - the master and 'The Little Boy Room'.  I wasn't sure how I would like Jonah being on his own downstairs.  The first night in our new house he joined us upstairs part way through the night, but since then we've all been fine with it.  I love that the room doubles as a play room for all three boys and that it is right off the kitchen so I can be aware of what they are up to and still be working in the main area of the house.  

This is the only room I've painted so far.  There are fabrics collected to make a quilt and one of the four chairs from the 'lego table' is being painted - the others are to follow.  We are searching for a bed and the walls are desperate for art work, but overall I love the dinos and books that surround Jonah with what he loves.  It suits my big boy for now.


Annette said...

Very nice. I'm trying to decide on a color for the baby's room. Can you tell me what color/brand this is? I've been reading your blog for awhile. Thanks for the nice content.

Watkins said...

The wall color is urban sunrise. It is Valspar (Lowes main brand). The small shelves are two shades darker (I don't remember the name).

Annette said...

Thank you!