Monday, October 21

Days at the Gallery

Every Tuesday this fall I've taken the little men to the art museum.  Richmond has an incredible museum (and it is free!)  Rowan takes a little class where they hear a story, walk through the galleries to look at some art work and then comeback to do some art related to what they saw.  

Last month was animal themed so we looked at early american art of children with pets, some Rousseau (above), sculptures of farm animals... and then created.

This month is American natives themed so we've made Peruvian dolls, 'replicated' a mexican leader sculpture, constructed teepees, and are weaving this week after we look at navajo rugs.  

Rowan takes his art so seriously and Isaac always tries to join in!  We all love our mornings at the museum and typically have a picnic outside in the sculpture garden afterward.   It gives me such joy to be surrounding myself and my little ones with such beauty each week.  It fills us and keeps the creative juices flowing.


suewatkins said...

I love it that Rowan is so serious about his art.. His Dad was always very focused on his art at Rowan's age. So glad you are able to support Rowan's love of art like this !

Katie Coons said...

My stroller handle did the same as yours. Some bike handle tape worked just fine:) Just thought I'd mention it. Love the gallery!