Saturday, November 2

Happy Halloween!

A T-Rex Jack-o-lantern
I know I'm a couple days late with this, but it took that long to get photos uploaded :o)  There are some things (like scary houses and costumes) that I don't love about Halloween, but I love the creativity and the visiting of neighbors that it brings.  This year was particularly fun as we went up and down our little street in Richmond greeting and meeting new neighbors.  Our boys are the only children on the street and while there were a few other children from the larger neighborhood it was a pretty quiet trick-or-treat experience (with no scary houses - hooray!)  Jonah commented half-way up the street "You know why they are giving so much good candy is because they are all Grandparents."  Everyone loved seeing the boys and it was great to connect with neighbors we haven't seen recently. 
The older boys were Ninjago ninjas this year (lego ninjas).  They chose their colors and helped make the emblems for their costumes, certainly not the costumes I would have thought to make, but they were adamant that they would be ninjas this year and so mama spent a late night at the sewing machine sewing costumes.  Isaac wore the Bavarian costume I made for Jonah when he was wee, but as the Bavarian hat was lost in one of our moves a quick gnome hat gave the costume a new twist (that is when he would wear it).

I love it when the three of them sit in a row like this - they are such stair-steps right now and so sweet!

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